No, Boxy is still not dead. ;-)
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No, Boxy is not dead. It is still alive!

If you are using it, I can give you a remote helping hand to setup your scripts.
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I'm at the World Balloon Trophy 2011 in Echternach, so be prepared for some more changes to come ...
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After the World Balloon Trophy in Echternach (Luxembourg), Boxy took a big evoluation step. Don't forget to always re-download the FAS specifications. With upcoming changes I'll update the document quite often.
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How to create tiles from an Ozi calibratred map file?
  • Use Mapwel to create a rectangular bitmap of an Ozi calibrated map.
  • Note the coordinates of the bounds!
  • Next you need to tile the map using MapTiler. You need to launch multiple instances an create tiles for each level you need. This will take a very long time, so if you have access to an ultra speedy machine would be great ...
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A lot of new ideas came up at the Europeans 2009 in Brissac-Quincé. Just take a look at the changelog to see what is new in the last version.

More to come soon ...
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Here are the most important features of the Boxy2::Downloader (screenshot) which goal is to give analyzers or debriefers a quick overview about a GPS logger track of a balloon flight.
  • download a track from a serial connected Garmin GPS device
  • save the downloaded track in PLT and GPX format
  • show all track points in a list
  • show the track and the loaded PZ's on a map
  • analyse the track against PZ infringements and vertical speed limit exceedants
  • generate a nice PDF document (sample)
Actually the download of tracks has only been tested under Windows.
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